Thursday, September 9, 2010

OK, I hate to rant...but...

I just received an email from a parent of one of my piano students.  Seems the school board is taking away music class...yet again.  

For those who know anything about me, music is almost everything.  Has been for more than half of my lifetime and will be forever.  Music is the best way I found as a young person to feel good in my skin.  It helped me express myself, feel a part of something and opened me up to numerous experiences I never would have come across had I not taken music in school and privately.

I have played with the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, was accepted into and graduated from Queen's University's School of Music, formed a folk-rock band and started up my own business based solely on MUSIC!!  

There are studies that show knowing how to read and play music makes people smarter in other areas (mathematics and writing for example), but it also assists in coordination (COUGH COUGH ESSENTIAL FOR ATHLETES) and can improve focus.  Being a part of a band/orchestra is a wonderful outlet for children who don't make the soccer team, who can't paint a barn to save their lives.  Options, people...our children need options.

I know in the end it all comes down to money.  The school boards can't seem to find the funds for the instruments, the music, the teachers.  So, now I find myself throwing my hands in the air exclaiming "For the love.  Do I have to fight for this again?"

I think I do...because, at the end of the day, someone that can draw in the air a clockwise circle with their right foot and the number 6 with their left hand ( try it!!) is a valuable member of society.

Go forth with your days...and make music...any way you know how!


  1. Which board? Is it my board?? Just wondering...

  2. Not 100% on the details...I may be at the school meeting tonight and will find out then.