Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Art of Procrastination

At this, I am a master.  

Throughout my 31 years, I've successfully learned many skills.

In no particular order
~ playing a variety of musical instruments
~ figure skating
~ crocheting and knitting
~ making banana bread
~ driving
~ applying makeup tastefully etc.

But the one at which I am most successful:
~ procrastination

Why is it that when I am bored I can never think of anything to search for on the internet.  I can never find interest in reading the paper.  Can't seem to write a song...clean the bathroom.  Ok, the bathroom one is obvious.  But the rest?  

Today, however, when there are MANY things I SHOULD be doing (practicing, showering, packing up to bring baby to the doctor, preparing something for dinner) I suddenly find myself with oodles of time to blog.  Time to read what people have posted on their own sites.  Look up crafts that I will, without doubt, not finish.  For me, it is most definitely not the thrill of getting it done last minute.  I hate last minute.  Makes me physically ill.  So what gives?  

At the very least, I should have taken this lovely 1.5 hours my beautiful daughter is napping to nap myself.  

Oh well.  It is what it is...I am what I am.  And somehow, it all works out.

Here is hoping you are having a productive day!


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  1. HA! I could have wrote this myself. I so get it sista! See you soon. JB