Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Looks Like Fall

However, it looks like fall on my front lawn all summer long due to the dying tree in our neighbour's yard.

But, the air is fresh.  The colours are lovely.  And, luckily, the sun is shining today.

Also luckily,  I am feeling pretty good after a busy weekend.  A fall wedding weekend.  My first wedding as a performer and guest since baby. Our first weekend somewhat "baby free".   This is something I have mixed feelings about.  

I absolutely adore my little girl.  Love her more than I can say...even when she is crying/screaming/flailing.  She's adorable and sweet. 

Was it hard leaving her for 6 hours on Friday and 12 hours on Saturday?  

Not really.

For starters, she was the care of people we love and trust.  People who genuinely were excited to spend some alone time with our baby.  This makes me feel amazing.  I can't better describe what it feels like to see someone else love the wee thing you love so much.  It is great.  And it was all too appropriate for me to feel this on the weekend of a wedding.  The parents seeing the lovers loving the ones they love to love.  

And let's be honest.  It is so, so, so nice to have a night out where you get to talk about things other than diapers and formula and burps and soothers...  

A night where I get to wear heals and make up and have have a puke free head of hair and dress!  

A night where I can have a few drinks.  Ok, a little more than a few.  But I could do this because I knew our cute thing was going to be just fine.

Was it hard not waking her up so I could smother her with kisses and hugs?

Oh yes.

Was it hard not getting to say goodnight?


But it is ok.  This is not something that will happen all the time.  And that makes these evenings so much more valuable.  They let you miss the one you love and makes seeing them again very special.

I hope you all feel this for somebody from time to time.  


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