Monday, September 13, 2010

Obsession Files #1: Red...Rot...Rouge...Rojo...Red

Merriam-Webster defines obsession as : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation <an obsession with profits>

I don't get obsessed...I get absorbed.  Or so I used to think 15 years ago, give or take a few.

I'm fairly certain now I get obsessed.  Along with my obsessions I have a surging need to get what I want when I want it.  When something comes along that fits into one of my obsessive fields I have a hard time not purchasing/making/getting it.

To begin with, the colour Red.

Dreaming of Red Doors...well, I can't get enough of Red Doors.  So much so that I almost crash my car every time I drive past one, completely fixated on looking at it...I painted our front door Red...named a business after Red Doors.  Obsessed.

Then there are things within my home that my loving partner embraces and sometimes procures for me.  His family feeds my obsession for Red, as well...Red Coffee Maker...Red Coffee Cups...Red Frying Pan.  Red.  Red.  Red.


The newest additions, and also a kitchen item, are our fancy new Red Silicon Grip Oven Mitts:

Then their is my fashion accessories collection of red items.  Bracelets, necklaces, purses, boots and my favourite Red Shoes:

Another area I cannot handle having Red-less is my office supply cabinet (ok, there is no cabinet and they basically find home anywhere, on any surface in our house). My day planner this year...Red.  Keeping in line with the above shoe super cute Red Shoe Tape Dispenser:

Which goes nicely with my Cheap Red Pen:

My most prized Red possessions (rhymes with obsessions) are my musical instruments.  My youngest is a parting gift from a past job...a Red Ukulele:

From my love, a kick-ass Red Electric Guitar:

And last, but definitely not least, are my dad's Red Bongos...Sparkly Red Bongos. How did he know back in the day that his daughter~to~be would love not only music, but the colour Red.  And Sparkles:



These are just a smattering of the red items in my life.  Maybe it is silly, but it makes me happy.

Be happy.


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